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Managing the Kids School Schedules with Google

 This week I received several emails from each of the kid's teachers all with various information and links to Google Meet with meeting ids.  It has been extremely overwhelming trying to figure out how I am going to get the kids online at the right time.  For one of my children classes are meeting on different days of the week.

If  your school is using Google classroom, most of the tools are already there, you just may need to help your kids get organized.  I am surprised the teachers are emailing me things and not using all of the functionality of Google to manage things.  That said, here is what I did that I think is going to be the best way to manage multiple schedules.

I  had each kid log into Google Classroom today.  Then you can click on the waffle as the kids called it (the 3X3 dots for Apps by your profile picture).

I then went to calendar.  There for each child I loaded their class schedule from the paper one that was sent home.  Then I also put in each calendar meeting the links and information each teacher had sent via email.  I also added reminders for 5 minutes prior to each class.

Another tool we are looking at using is Google Keep.  Here is a good place to put notes or other things the teachers send that you may want to refer to later.  Basically a sticky note area online for them.

So other helpful tips:

If your kids are old enough for smartphones, use them to your advantage.  If the kids are using Google Classroom, you can add that Google account to the accounts on Android phones.  The kids did this so now the can check their school emails right on their phone.


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