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Inexpensive Desks for Work and School

Many of us have been working at home for months now and it may be time to invest in a small desk or office chair.  I myself have been starting to feel like I am showing an arch in my back from leaning over to look at my laptop.  You may want to consider a small desk for your children also if they will be spending an extended period of time completing school online this year.  I just purchased a relatively inexpensive desk on Amazon  for my middle school child. For the price it was pretty sturdy, just took some time to put together. I recently purchased the Atlantic Gaming Desk  for one of my middle school children pictured above.  Last school year sitting at the kitchen table was not not working well.  I have room in the house to set this up in a spare bedroom so there is some quite space.  The desk was pretty easy to set up, but the instructions are pretty sparse.  Just make sure you double check the photo that comes in the box as a guide.  I like there are metal legs as I am picturi